Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Hangover Part III

Yes the big day is approaching...the Leeds hen do! I am so excited.  So much so that I have splashed out and bough a new shirt.  I have gone for the classic plain white! I know what you are thinking CHAV! Well I don't care I feel I am now secure enough to stick by my decision and suffer any backlash...unless of course you actually do think I will look like a chav in which case I will change my entire outfit!

Well I have just finished and bottle of Pinot Grigo with the BF and my work friend and so I feel confident to spill the beans on the latest gossip from the world of the male PA. Well firstly Katy is no longer chasing our client.  In fact she has moved on to less gross misconduct game and is dating someone not related to the legal profession...actually not sure what he does, Katy?!

The Scouse is just as excited as I am about our trip to sunny Leeds.  we have vouched that we will not be returning to our hotel until we are drunk enough to believe that kebab makes up one of your five a day! Then we will stumble back arms linked, heels broken and eye make up running (hers, not mine...mine will be flawless!) and discussing the bitchy details from the night we have had only to get back to the hotel fall asleep, probably in our clothes, wake up the next morning and wish we were dead!!!

I love hang overs.  They give you the ability to believe that one day you will be a better person and improve your ways until of course the headache goes and you become a complete dick head again.  Brilliant!!  The other "good" thing about hang overs is the feeling of complete and utter torment about what you said or did the night before.  "did I really bitch slap that waitress for wearing stripes with stripes?" or "did I really eat that white stuff of the top of the bin?!".  Come on you know you have all asked these questions at one point or another.

Anyway I don't care what state I will be in on Sunday morning, Saturday is going to be a night to remember and the Scouse and I are going to enjoy it to the full!!

Congrats on the wedding Bob!!!

I hope we survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!