Monday, 19 September 2011

The Freshers!!

Day one done.  Yep that's right my first day of uni is over and I am getting ready to hit the town with my new (young) friends for Freshers Week.  Could anything be anymore fabulous?? Drunk 18 yr olds and cheap drinks! I LOVE IT...or rather I love the cheap drinks...the BF would perhaps not like me so much if I had a dip in the teen pool.

Note to self...create funny and amusing nicknames for new people...

I feel so much smarter already and I have only attended an induction and played some ice breaker game for a Drumstick...don't laugh Katy you have done a lot worse for a lot less.

Anyway I am keeping this post short so I can fill you in on all the gossip tomorrow...

Wish me luck!!!!!!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Death at the Orange Call Centre and other related stories

OMG it has been a nightmare to get this damn internet connection working again! All I will say on the subject is damn all the mindless human shells that work at Orange.  Seriously I must have had to repeat myself 9,000,000 times just for some f*ckwit to tell me that my connection is not was like some awful replica of Groundhog Day (love that film!). Anyway in the end Sanjiv (who also identified himself as Barry) managed to get it into his head that I no longer wanted to be an Orange customer and we have now moved to Sky (the bonus of course is that we have TV too). So now I have a fully functioning connection with, I am told mega internet speed!

Anyway fair readers now that I am back online the time has come for me to tell you my biggest bit of news....I'm off yo university.  Yes that's right there is some lonely admissions person sitting in a windowless room who has managed to muster up enough human emotion inbetween rejection letters to give me a chance and a place on a course.  I will no longer be the fabulous PA you see before you but a student, or as my dad affectionately refers to them, lighthouses in the desert, bright but useless.  Love you dad! x

Anyway I start in one weeks time and I can't tell you how excited I am mostly because my lectures don't start until 10:30am on a Monday which means I don't have to drag myself out of bed in the early morning...not that I do that now, but it's nice to have something to look forward to other than the fact that you are going to be a mature student with more years on me than the other students have facial hair!! gulp gulp! I am going to be eaten alive.  £1 a pint night is no place for me!! I should be tucked up in bed with some Horlicks and a good Agatha Christie! oh now theres a thought I wonder if I should grow a Poirot Tash??!

I have also discovered how amazing buying stuff for uni can be.  I have become completely obsessed with coloured folders, which I will never use, and post notes, which seem like a good idea but are really just another place to get rid of your chewing gum.  Of course I am only kidding about my lax approach to uni, I am planning on being a top notch student (note to self do not ever use the expression "top notch" whilst in the presence of other students!!!) and dedicate myself to the very scientific study of Events Management.  There has to be some science involved in throwing a good party I mean afterall you have measures and things to sort...:-(

All joking apart I am seriously shitting myself about the prospect of entering a class room again.  The other students are going to be bright faced and not remember things like Button Moon and Heman or what Smarties tasted like with all those artificial colours...ah the good old days!  I am going to be doomed to have to educate them....ooooo wait a minute I feel a project coming on...all I have to do to get my new uni friends to like me is dominate their lives to much that they won't have an opinion other than mine....and I will be the greatest student EVER HAHAHAHA!

Ok psycho moment over and back to reality to finish the entry before my Bovril gets cold and I lose all interest in Murder on the Nile, the plan is...

Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Hangover Part III

Yes the big day is approaching...the Leeds hen do! I am so excited.  So much so that I have splashed out and bough a new shirt.  I have gone for the classic plain white! I know what you are thinking CHAV! Well I don't care I feel I am now secure enough to stick by my decision and suffer any backlash...unless of course you actually do think I will look like a chav in which case I will change my entire outfit!

Well I have just finished and bottle of Pinot Grigo with the BF and my work friend and so I feel confident to spill the beans on the latest gossip from the world of the male PA. Well firstly Katy is no longer chasing our client.  In fact she has moved on to less gross misconduct game and is dating someone not related to the legal profession...actually not sure what he does, Katy?!

The Scouse is just as excited as I am about our trip to sunny Leeds.  we have vouched that we will not be returning to our hotel until we are drunk enough to believe that kebab makes up one of your five a day! Then we will stumble back arms linked, heels broken and eye make up running (hers, not mine...mine will be flawless!) and discussing the bitchy details from the night we have had only to get back to the hotel fall asleep, probably in our clothes, wake up the next morning and wish we were dead!!!

I love hang overs.  They give you the ability to believe that one day you will be a better person and improve your ways until of course the headache goes and you become a complete dick head again.  Brilliant!!  The other "good" thing about hang overs is the feeling of complete and utter torment about what you said or did the night before.  "did I really bitch slap that waitress for wearing stripes with stripes?" or "did I really eat that white stuff of the top of the bin?!".  Come on you know you have all asked these questions at one point or another.

Anyway I don't care what state I will be in on Sunday morning, Saturday is going to be a night to remember and the Scouse and I are going to enjoy it to the full!!

Congrats on the wedding Bob!!!

I hope we survive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Such a nice day for a white wedding

I have made a mistake! After a non-descript day at work I have settled in to watching The Wedding Singer with a glass of wine while waiting for the boyfriend to finish work.  On the note of waiting for the boyfriend I have to take a minute to say how fabulous I am having made pan-fried scallops, peas, bacon and poached eggs...with homemade shortbread and strawberries for dessert! I know I am the domestic god!

Anyway I have now decided that I am depressed because I actually love the sound track to this film, which is all 80's music meaning I am now too old for any kind of activity that involves moving from this sofa (and this glass of wine).  What I also love about this film is the fact that Drew Barrymore never changes her facial expression whether she is receiving good news or bad!

The final thing I like about it is WEDDINGS! I have two big ones coming up and I am so excited.  Afterall weddings = hen parties and hen parties = masses of alcohol (although with one of the hen parties I am not sure how I would manage booze and an inflatable costume!).  Weddings are brilliant purely for the entertainment value.  Drunken relatives, disgrunted married couples who are upset that their big day was so long ago and now they feel nothing for each or the creepy single people who grind up against each other to "Uptown Girl"!  Maybe it's just the wine talking but I have decided to love wedding season and embrace the love that is in the air...well for now anyway.

So work was uneventful really well aside from a trip the Scouse and I made to the market.  That is one scarey place.  Honestly forget Dawn of the Dead the real monsters hang out around the food markets...the less said about Messrs Lovett & Todd Family Butchers the better!  I so want one of those people from Secret Millionaire to visit my local market.  They would hear some awful life story of how the old lady who sells net curtains and knitted toilet roll covers has had to sell Speed on the side just to substitute her earnings.

Actually I could mix the two and hold my wedding at the all you can eat chinese near the markets...Dress from the net woman £1.50, Cake (Bakewell slice) 0.52p, Crazy religious woman singing hymns £5.00 plus two cans of cider...realising that you live in a shithole...price

Thank god for Mastercard!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Gossip...It's good for you!

So I now have a fully working internet connection, no thanks to the drones that work at Orange home broadband services. Honestly you would think that I had asked for the world when all I wanted was a functioning connection.  I have been passed from India to Birmingham to some other insignificant shithole down south just for the end result to be the same...some idiot can't be bothered to get his finger out of his ass and sort out my phoneline!  Well after attacking them with none stop calls to be told by some jobsworth called Gary in disconnections that constent complaints will not make my connection happen any faster I now have the ability to fill you all in on the latest happenings!

Well nothing much is the real answer to whats been happening! I mean what is that all about?! When I hear that people have started writing blogs and they say all this stuff has happend to them I have to think to myself how much of that is really true.  I mean think about it, you're a 9 to 5 worker, have a boyfriend or girlfriend/husband/wife, maybe a couple of kids or a pet dog called...Bruce...let's say he is called Bruce.  I ask you what could possibly happen in your life to make people think "do you know what their life must be really interesting!"...the answer? Nothing!  Really who cares what you did during your lunchbreak or who the office slapper has been boinking this week.


Then I also think look how well Big Brother did.  Same concept really a bunch of self absorbed people making any situation all about them.  Of course I am not saying that is what I am doing although I would be telling pork pies if I didn't admit that I am a little self-obssessed (no comments please!) but who isn't?!
I guess the problem is we all really like to know what is going on in someone else life...perhaps so that we know we are not the only ones who are going through tough times, or wear odd socks or whatever (god this is getting deep now!).  Maybe that's why these super injunctions shouldn't be allowed.  They are not good for societal mental health! Reflecting on it, what usually makes the front page...drought in Africa or Ex-super model bangs some dirty old MP?!  MP story everytime. Blocking that would destroy everyone else's pleasure. So ok the MP would be hurt for a little while but only until the cheque came from the Sunday tabloids, then who would be laughing all the way to bank...not joe public.

I think from now on honesty is the best policy and I am going to try and make all my "dirty" little secrets public, afterall no one gets any pleasure out of telling a story that's already been goes...

AS IF! I'm not completely stupid. Somethings are better left in the closet (no pun intended).

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Homo Sweet Home

Sorry for the none existent blog recently (I feel I keep apologising to you all for not posting anything all the time when really this is my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want.  No more apologies from me!).  Well I have finally moved and I wish I could say that I hate my little one bed apartment but in actual fact is fantastic and I love it, afterall it could be worse I could live in a studio!

No arguements of note as yet between me and the BF although it did come close a while ago when I could figure out how to use the Wifi in tthe local cafe...bloody technology.  You would think that working in an office I am used to working with all kinds of electrical equipment and also being the young age of 25 I am completely computer literate!  This is just not true because as soon as you get used to one specific Windows or Microsoft programme some clever geeky bastard says "you know what everyone is used to this programme now lets create another one and move all the useful icons around just because we can and we have bigger brains than they do".  Fuckers!

Well by way of quick update Miss Brand is still continuing her flirtting email messages with that guy from the work do, Mr X has been on holiday for the last week which means I have managed to recover from my near nervous breakdown and I made the Scouse cry on Friday with and April Fools that went wrong.  Sorry Scouse I feel I owe you a public apology I was nasty to do what I was funny until you started crying and since you told on me on Thursday so my remorse is gone!

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind of activity.  After moving in last Friday I was then at a theme park over night which was fun followed by more unpacking of boxes on Monday, theatre visit after work on Tuesday, Wednesday more unpacking, Thursday another theatre visit (Avenue Q - if you have not seen it you must it is fabulous!).  By Friday I was wrecked and felt like shit but needed to go to the launch of a new bar, which was nice until I started heaving in the toilets and had to go home to lay on the sofa and feel sorry for myself.  Saturday offered a welcome rest and today I can finally blog so I must be nearly there with the moving in stuff.

Anyway it is nice outside and my arse is starting to go numb from these hard seats in this cafe so I think I will leave it there as there is nothing work related of note to blog about......

....There may be more after Monday though (I know I am ending with a cliffe hanger but I may have news after tomorrow so I will keep you waiting just one more day!).

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Insomnia and Pythagoras Theorem

?????? erm....I seem to be suffering from a mental block this evening. I blame the majority of this block on my stupid math class. I mean really who cares how many cans of fizzy drink Kuldeep can fit in his box or how long it takes Jane and Edwin to cycle from Kings Lynn to Inverness or indeed how average number of times Jane would need to change her tyre if she puctured it every 45 miles (where P = pucture due to the fact that Jane is a dick and did not get the Mega Bus, Edinburgh to London for £1.00 that's all I'm saying, and E = how many times Edwin refused to stop and ask for directions!).  Seriously that stuff will mess you up for life.

My other issue is my lack of packing.  I could potentially be moving into a new apartment on Friday and seem to have too many empty boxes as opposed to full ones (lets give it a ratio of 21:2 just because that would make my math teacher happy).

My other distractions include being drawn into the much more interesting lives of others.  That's right you guessed it Miss Brand has has been at it again.  This time her atttentions are focused on a not so bad looking client of ours who she happened to swap saliva with at the last client do.  I have to hand it to the girl she knows how to flirt and work those eye lashes.  Not that I blame her after the disappointment of the grease monkey and a few fashion mishaps (sorry love but the all black number today was a big NO NO!) she needs any distraction to can get.  Anyway I think the Scouse and I made her feel better once we had all swapped black out stories.  Don't worry Scouse your secrets are safe with me especially now I know you have added a reader to my non-existent followers list (hello Scouse's mum!).

Anyway I think that is all my brain can handle for today.  If I am suffering from a little bit of insomnia later I can get out my homework...oh goody 'Formulae in Symbols' just what your going to need in everyday life!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Things are not what they seem

OMG I have some much to tell you all.  Where to begin on what has been a random few weeks.

I'll start by telling you about the antics of one of my colleagues who I will affectionately refer to a Katy Brand (aka Katy Perry), this nickname is partly because, in her opinion, she bears a resemblance to the pop diva however the rest of us just think she is more like the aboves, less musically talented more sexually charged husband.  Which ever view you take our Katy Brand is a sex demon at the minute.

Her story begins about two weeks ago when she was having this text fling with some muscle bound machanic/builder/plumber/something that involves dirt and grease! Miss Brand then found herself in the situation where the inevitable had to happen.  Yes boys and girls they bumped uglies, but not in the regular sense  of the phrase you understand, oh no there was no actual bumping involved as after 20 minutes of (in my opinion overrated!) foreplay the grease monkey would not stand to attention!!  Poor Katy didn't know what to do with herself and in the end retreated to the bathroom, perhaps in the hope that the absense would make his heart grow fonder, but alas it was not meant to be.  Upon her return to the room it was lights out!

Actually Katy's story has got me thinking about a few things that have happend over the last few weeks with things not appearing to be what they should.  For example when GAGA and I went to some bar for dinner recently she decided to have some fabulous sounding French dish which involved pastry and cheese.  When it arrived it was nothing more that a posh cheese and onion pasty on a bed of rocket leaves, which just goes to show you that you are probably better off going for the meat and potato pie everytime.  No the reason I say about things not being what they seem is because I am currently in the process of looking for an apartment.  It's a nightmare and as hard as hell to actually get to the point where you would be able to put your money down!  Bloody letting agents should be called let down agents in my opinion!!

A least I can rely on work to provide me with 8 hours worth of distractions and multiple dramas.  One such drama is called the "Try and Remember How Much I Drank and Made a Dick of Myself in Front of Clients" game which took place last Friday.  All I know is that I insulted one of them, stole a drink off another and probably spent more money than I needed to.  Friday was then followed by a Saturday hang over and the recovery of memory loss which brought on waves of ditress mixed with tiredness and a bad case of dry mouth.  Having had no sleep on Friday night or Saturday I was then expected to run around some old fire station in persuit of paranormal activity which was actually quite interesting and I am not afraid to say a little frightening!  Especially the whole 999 thing which I know means nothing to you dear readers but trust me at the time I was shitting myself.

Thinking about it I am quite looking forward to this weekend and the lack of anything to do what with horny colleagues, posh pasties, apartments and ghost hunting I am well ready for a rest...

P.S. is it me or is this blog now less about my work life and Sex and the City meets Shameless?!

Thursday, 3 March 2011

This one goes out to the one I love

So I know I have not blogged in while but that's because I have been going through some shit recently that I won't bore you with.  My point tonight is that when stuff turns so completely shit and there seems to be no end in sight I turn to the one person I know I can trust more than boyfriend. 

Now I know the romance haters amongst you will be grabbing for the nearest bucket, but I would say to them that there is nothing more effective to cure the blues than a shoulder to rest your head and a good set of ears to take in all the bile that you need to get off your chest, whether it be about your day, or that women in the queue for cofffee or it could even just be that one phone call at 4:59pm that tippped you over the edge.  Whatever the reason the outcome is always the same, someone listens, tells you to get a grip and gives you the biggest cuggle that you suddendly forget how awful your day has been.

Well that's what I need now and what I am lacking.  So yes my eyes are heavy, yes my head hurts and yes I feel like I could throw up an entire swimming pool, but I know for a fact that just a few seconds in his arms and I will feel able to do anything (perhaps even build up the courage to tell him all this face to face!).

So there it is, this one is for you.  A full dedicated blog to just how amazing you are and how much I miss you when you are gone.

To you JG

Always yours


Tuesday, 22 February 2011


No real blog entry tonight.  Having overslept this morning I have now entered the stage of tired where if the real Lady Gaga were to walk into my house right now, stand on her head and piss gold I wouldn't care.

All I want is my bed!!

Sorry for the crappy entry I will double up tomorrow's blog.


Monday, 21 February 2011

al dente

As I sit here eating my despressing bowl of pasta I can't help but think how smooth today seemed to run despite my lack of energy now.  It started off with a trip to the wholesalers which is alway fun.  Well I use fun loosely, it's fun in comparison to say sliding down a handrail with nails in it wearing nothing but a smile.

After buying god knows how many toilet rolls and deciding not to buy industrial cleaning equipment to wash out one of the office's external doorways, which the homeless currently use as a toilet Miss GAGA and I loaded her car with "stock"* and headed for the office.  By the time we hit town traffic I had already resigned myself to the fact that this was probably going to be the highlight of the day ahead and texted the Scouse to see who was in the office.  Being told one of the most annoying partners was in fact working with us today I knew my luck was down.

And then just when I had given up all hope and got into the office I was confronted with an email from said partner stating that I had failed to give adequate client care.  Now this was not a suggestion more of an outright accusation which really ticked me off and made me realise how the disgruntled postal worker feels before he takes out the entire post office!


Who needs them.  I mean sure they pay your bills which in turn means wages but if they were to just leave us alone and let us get on with the job everyone would be alot happier.  Take for instance new enquiries.  Now we have all had our fair share of dodgy initial callers but when someone calls and wants to issue an eviction notice on  ghost that has been bothering them for sometime, you have to wonder if euthanasia is such a bad idea and should be made legal.  Whatever happend to survival of the fittest because seriously these people should be removed for the evolutionary gene pool.  Give them a Darwin Award and move on I say!!!

Anyway this particular client was so snotty in an email, but was actually pleasant on the phone which in my book makes them even more of a bastard than the ones that shout. At least they have the conviction in their belief (however untrue that belief may be) to stand by it.

That being said the balance of karma was restored when I heard a young women, who was being heckled by the awful Big Issue seller,  say "bollocks and piss on someone elses day".

Ok client rant over, more pasta...that's better!

Note to employer:  I apologise now for being so harsh to our clients, but really it was a hard day...don't fire me!!

*Not sure if cookies and jelly cherries can be classed as "Stock".

Friday, 18 February 2011

Planet of the Apes

My old gran, god rest her soul, used to have a saying she would shout at my grandfather all the time "your about as useful as a fart in a colander".  I love this saying and feel it sums up todays events perfectly.  specifically to describe some of the people I have to work with...don't worry scouse I am not talking about you.

No I am talking about those people who are supposed to be there to make my job easier and in fact make it ten times worse.  You know the type of person I am referring to, the one who gets the complaints that start "I don't want to talk to the monkey, where is the organ grinder?"  Although in truth a monkey is too kind a description as at least they have the sensibility to throw their shit out of the cage rather than sit in it, waiting for it to pile up and cause problems for the rest of us!

God I miss the days when Fridays were nice and enjoyable, everyone in a good mood.  Instead now I have to battle with office politics, simpletons and abusive homeless people.  Now don't get me wrong I am all for charity and have purchased my fair share of Big Issues, but I resent being heckled by some homeless person wearing more designer gear than I own (presumbly as a result of clothing donations).  All I said was no thank you I did not want a Big Issue and suddenly I am the biggest bastard that ever walked the earth.

"You should do a day out here selling this" he yells.  Yeah well let's see how long he would last in our office.  It might be warm but when the only thing keeping you on the border of sanity is a window, your ability to match pictures of the partners to their celebrity counterparts and a handful of work friends, you would be begging to take your chances on the streets!  That's what I call office survival!

However, all this complaining aside I actually managed to get quite alot done today and my office now has a carpet instead of a sea of papers and I can finally see the scum stains on my desk which I will take as a positive.

Oh well T.G.I.F, weekend free of work troubles, Big Issue sellers and mentally unstable colleagues!

Let's crack the wine!

See you on Monday

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Afternoon Zombie

Today I was given a box of Spunk* and not even by my boyfriend. Instead it was a present from one of my friends who visited Copenhagen recently.  This "gift" was passed to me by his boyfriend over a lunch table opposite our very own GAGA wannabe, who from now on we will refer to as Miss GAGA.  Miss GAGA is probably one of my oldest work friends and will no doubt be complaining about the fact that I used "old" in the same sentence as her once she reads this post.

Well there I was, once again, a glass of wine in hand at midday, being filled in on all the latest gossip not a care in the world and suddenly I am confronted with the awful reality that I will have to go back to work and finish the rest of the day.  Now I don't know about you but for me having a liquid lunch is never a good idea.  Jobs seem to take twice as long and the stronger you make the coffee the more hyper you get until you have to come crashing down again and by 4:30pm you are dead to the world.  The best part about this situation is that no matter how useless you feel there is always someone else in the office more lazy than you who manages to take the piss royally and thereby create a diversion distracting everyone enough for you to recover.

And now it is Thursday night, only one more work day to go and after a night cap with the boyfriend and an annoying women trying to light a candle, I am ready to face anything and this sudden positivity has got me thinking about just how negative this blog has been so far.  Well no more, I am going to center all my energies, or whatever it is those karma giving, yoga loving hippies do to be happy all the time, and become Zen....

.................................................................................Well I tried!

* Vingummi Spunk, according to my google research is a non-salty (ironic) Danish wine gum.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bombay Brambles, Cosmos and Cerebral Meltdowns

Well sometimes after "one of those days" don't you just crave booze?  Ok I'm not alcoholic but there is something so comforting about that first slug of hard liquor or the sound the wine makes coming out of the bottle...glug glug....

Today was appraisal day and for those of you not familar with the term think school report but more patronizing and the teacher could potentially make you homeless by cutting your pay!  Whilst trying to think of the best way of presenting myself as the model employee I was also confronted with having to deal with cold callers all claiming to know Mr X personally and saying that their call was one he would not want to miss taking.  Do they think I was born yesterday? And they're all so friendly, trying to be your mate "hi it's Kai from Resourcing Solutions (or some other pointless organisation whose only purpose is to make the life of some unfortnate PA a misery for the next 2 minutes, which I will never get back!)".  On top of this there are a million documents to amend, calls to return, accounts work to submit and those client newsletters aren't going to send themselves!!!

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that sometimes while at your desk this little voice in you head suddenly resonates through that part of your brain responsible for coherent thought and pulls on the lever marked "GIN".  When this happens, and it will happen, the only sensible thing to do is withdraw some cash from your none existing reserves and have a cocktail. 

It's funny but suddenly all your work problems seem to swirl away in the bottom of a fabulous V shaped glass you, then another drink and you actually feel like talking more about work than you would normally.  How odd that you go to the bar with the intention of forgetting about work and the first thing you do once the drink is in your hand is say "well you will never guess what happend today" and end up reliving the whole vile experience.

Forget S&M if you want to be a real masochist just have a shit day at work, convince your friends to go for a drink and tell them all about it.  Hopefully they will have had an equally shit day and you can compare...afterall misery loves company!

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Stars in their eyes

There comes a point in every PA's life when you are asked to do the most ridiculous jobs. Getting coffee, picking up dry cleaning and yes being asked to sit in your bosses car while the engine battery recharges!  Well today Mr X asked me something I was no expecting...

"I have to take part in a published questionnaire" said he
"oh" I replied
"Yes and I am struggling with this question.  If there was movies about you which actor would play you?"
"and" I asked
"Well? who do you think would play me?"

So suddenly my mind if racing.  I don't know how to answer.  Firstly I am thinking is this a trick question in some sort of awful employment survey??  If I say someone he doesn't like am I bumped up the redundancy matrix in the next round of clearing?!


If I say someone quite flattering...Gerard Butler or an older more sophisticated Zac he going to think am pushing for a pay rise or worse that I have a secret crush on him (which at this point I will clear up...I DO NOT!)?!

I didn't know what to say and thankfully was saved by the bell and the telephone rang. 

I had to ask the girls their opinion.  I had responses from Colin Firth and George Clooney to Robert De Niro and David Duchvney.  It was all moot in the end anyway as I didn't have to see him for the rest of the day and hopefully that will be the end of that!

Monday, 14 February 2011


Corney I know but here goes. Hello and welcome to Confessions of a male PA.  Ok so not the most ground breaking title for a blog about the life of a male personal assistant but what did you expect? No doubt all the women out there are now shaking their heads and tutting "typical man whining about what us girls have been having to go through for years".  Well you would be absolutely right that's exactly what this is.

So before I can start filling you in on the highs and lows of the XY clerical worker how about a few facts about me.  

1. Gay - stereotypical I know but hey, that's life and besides no personal assistant would be worth their salt without a bitchy comment every now and then.  As you know hetro men tend to fall short in this area!
2. The Job - Law before you all go ooo and ah, I'm not talking LA legal or one of those other swanky firms where everyone is having an affair with the senior partner and the support staff orgasm over the window cleaner on a diet coke break.  No this is just your ordinary city firm.
3. The Boss - mmmm not sure what to say at this point????  We will call him Mr X
4. The Girls - the reason I manage to get through the day.  My work friends.
5. HR - human resource or as affectionately referred to by the people who find themselves packing their desks...the Terminators!

Well I think that is about as detailed as I am willing to be at this stage. 

Not really sure what else to say now...

Perhaps that's it for now.

Please feel free to post a comment although I realise that I have really said much.  I promise not be post as much shit next time.