Monday, 23 May 2011

Gossip...It's good for you!

So I now have a fully working internet connection, no thanks to the drones that work at Orange home broadband services. Honestly you would think that I had asked for the world when all I wanted was a functioning connection.  I have been passed from India to Birmingham to some other insignificant shithole down south just for the end result to be the same...some idiot can't be bothered to get his finger out of his ass and sort out my phoneline!  Well after attacking them with none stop calls to be told by some jobsworth called Gary in disconnections that constent complaints will not make my connection happen any faster I now have the ability to fill you all in on the latest happenings!

Well nothing much is the real answer to whats been happening! I mean what is that all about?! When I hear that people have started writing blogs and they say all this stuff has happend to them I have to think to myself how much of that is really true.  I mean think about it, you're a 9 to 5 worker, have a boyfriend or girlfriend/husband/wife, maybe a couple of kids or a pet dog called...Bruce...let's say he is called Bruce.  I ask you what could possibly happen in your life to make people think "do you know what their life must be really interesting!"...the answer? Nothing!  Really who cares what you did during your lunchbreak or who the office slapper has been boinking this week.


Then I also think look how well Big Brother did.  Same concept really a bunch of self absorbed people making any situation all about them.  Of course I am not saying that is what I am doing although I would be telling pork pies if I didn't admit that I am a little self-obssessed (no comments please!) but who isn't?!
I guess the problem is we all really like to know what is going on in someone else life...perhaps so that we know we are not the only ones who are going through tough times, or wear odd socks or whatever (god this is getting deep now!).  Maybe that's why these super injunctions shouldn't be allowed.  They are not good for societal mental health! Reflecting on it, what usually makes the front page...drought in Africa or Ex-super model bangs some dirty old MP?!  MP story everytime. Blocking that would destroy everyone else's pleasure. So ok the MP would be hurt for a little while but only until the cheque came from the Sunday tabloids, then who would be laughing all the way to bank...not joe public.

I think from now on honesty is the best policy and I am going to try and make all my "dirty" little secrets public, afterall no one gets any pleasure out of telling a story that's already been goes...

AS IF! I'm not completely stupid. Somethings are better left in the closet (no pun intended).

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