Sunday, 3 April 2011

Homo Sweet Home

Sorry for the none existent blog recently (I feel I keep apologising to you all for not posting anything all the time when really this is my blog and I can do whatever the hell I want.  No more apologies from me!).  Well I have finally moved and I wish I could say that I hate my little one bed apartment but in actual fact is fantastic and I love it, afterall it could be worse I could live in a studio!

No arguements of note as yet between me and the BF although it did come close a while ago when I could figure out how to use the Wifi in tthe local cafe...bloody technology.  You would think that working in an office I am used to working with all kinds of electrical equipment and also being the young age of 25 I am completely computer literate!  This is just not true because as soon as you get used to one specific Windows or Microsoft programme some clever geeky bastard says "you know what everyone is used to this programme now lets create another one and move all the useful icons around just because we can and we have bigger brains than they do".  Fuckers!

Well by way of quick update Miss Brand is still continuing her flirtting email messages with that guy from the work do, Mr X has been on holiday for the last week which means I have managed to recover from my near nervous breakdown and I made the Scouse cry on Friday with and April Fools that went wrong.  Sorry Scouse I feel I owe you a public apology I was nasty to do what I was funny until you started crying and since you told on me on Thursday so my remorse is gone!

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind of activity.  After moving in last Friday I was then at a theme park over night which was fun followed by more unpacking of boxes on Monday, theatre visit after work on Tuesday, Wednesday more unpacking, Thursday another theatre visit (Avenue Q - if you have not seen it you must it is fabulous!).  By Friday I was wrecked and felt like shit but needed to go to the launch of a new bar, which was nice until I started heaving in the toilets and had to go home to lay on the sofa and feel sorry for myself.  Saturday offered a welcome rest and today I can finally blog so I must be nearly there with the moving in stuff.

Anyway it is nice outside and my arse is starting to go numb from these hard seats in this cafe so I think I will leave it there as there is nothing work related of note to blog about......

....There may be more after Monday though (I know I am ending with a cliffe hanger but I may have news after tomorrow so I will keep you waiting just one more day!).

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