Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Insomnia and Pythagoras Theorem

?????? erm....I seem to be suffering from a mental block this evening. I blame the majority of this block on my stupid math class. I mean really who cares how many cans of fizzy drink Kuldeep can fit in his box or how long it takes Jane and Edwin to cycle from Kings Lynn to Inverness or indeed how average number of times Jane would need to change her tyre if she puctured it every 45 miles (where P = pucture due to the fact that Jane is a dick and did not get the Mega Bus, Edinburgh to London for £1.00 that's all I'm saying, and E = how many times Edwin refused to stop and ask for directions!).  Seriously that stuff will mess you up for life.

My other issue is my lack of packing.  I could potentially be moving into a new apartment on Friday and seem to have too many empty boxes as opposed to full ones (lets give it a ratio of 21:2 just because that would make my math teacher happy).

My other distractions include being drawn into the much more interesting lives of others.  That's right you guessed it Miss Brand has has been at it again.  This time her atttentions are focused on a not so bad looking client of ours who she happened to swap saliva with at the last client do.  I have to hand it to the girl she knows how to flirt and work those eye lashes.  Not that I blame her after the disappointment of the grease monkey and a few fashion mishaps (sorry love but the all black number today was a big NO NO!) she needs any distraction to can get.  Anyway I think the Scouse and I made her feel better once we had all swapped black out stories.  Don't worry Scouse your secrets are safe with me especially now I know you have added a reader to my non-existent followers list (hello Scouse's mum!).

Anyway I think that is all my brain can handle for today.  If I am suffering from a little bit of insomnia later I can get out my homework...oh goody 'Formulae in Symbols' just what your going to need in everyday life!

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