Thursday, 3 March 2011

This one goes out to the one I love

So I know I have not blogged in while but that's because I have been going through some shit recently that I won't bore you with.  My point tonight is that when stuff turns so completely shit and there seems to be no end in sight I turn to the one person I know I can trust more than boyfriend. 

Now I know the romance haters amongst you will be grabbing for the nearest bucket, but I would say to them that there is nothing more effective to cure the blues than a shoulder to rest your head and a good set of ears to take in all the bile that you need to get off your chest, whether it be about your day, or that women in the queue for cofffee or it could even just be that one phone call at 4:59pm that tippped you over the edge.  Whatever the reason the outcome is always the same, someone listens, tells you to get a grip and gives you the biggest cuggle that you suddendly forget how awful your day has been.

Well that's what I need now and what I am lacking.  So yes my eyes are heavy, yes my head hurts and yes I feel like I could throw up an entire swimming pool, but I know for a fact that just a few seconds in his arms and I will feel able to do anything (perhaps even build up the courage to tell him all this face to face!).

So there it is, this one is for you.  A full dedicated blog to just how amazing you are and how much I miss you when you are gone.

To you JG

Always yours


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