Thursday, 17 February 2011

Afternoon Zombie

Today I was given a box of Spunk* and not even by my boyfriend. Instead it was a present from one of my friends who visited Copenhagen recently.  This "gift" was passed to me by his boyfriend over a lunch table opposite our very own GAGA wannabe, who from now on we will refer to as Miss GAGA.  Miss GAGA is probably one of my oldest work friends and will no doubt be complaining about the fact that I used "old" in the same sentence as her once she reads this post.

Well there I was, once again, a glass of wine in hand at midday, being filled in on all the latest gossip not a care in the world and suddenly I am confronted with the awful reality that I will have to go back to work and finish the rest of the day.  Now I don't know about you but for me having a liquid lunch is never a good idea.  Jobs seem to take twice as long and the stronger you make the coffee the more hyper you get until you have to come crashing down again and by 4:30pm you are dead to the world.  The best part about this situation is that no matter how useless you feel there is always someone else in the office more lazy than you who manages to take the piss royally and thereby create a diversion distracting everyone enough for you to recover.

And now it is Thursday night, only one more work day to go and after a night cap with the boyfriend and an annoying women trying to light a candle, I am ready to face anything and this sudden positivity has got me thinking about just how negative this blog has been so far.  Well no more, I am going to center all my energies, or whatever it is those karma giving, yoga loving hippies do to be happy all the time, and become Zen....

.................................................................................Well I tried!

* Vingummi Spunk, according to my google research is a non-salty (ironic) Danish wine gum.

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