Monday, 21 February 2011

al dente

As I sit here eating my despressing bowl of pasta I can't help but think how smooth today seemed to run despite my lack of energy now.  It started off with a trip to the wholesalers which is alway fun.  Well I use fun loosely, it's fun in comparison to say sliding down a handrail with nails in it wearing nothing but a smile.

After buying god knows how many toilet rolls and deciding not to buy industrial cleaning equipment to wash out one of the office's external doorways, which the homeless currently use as a toilet Miss GAGA and I loaded her car with "stock"* and headed for the office.  By the time we hit town traffic I had already resigned myself to the fact that this was probably going to be the highlight of the day ahead and texted the Scouse to see who was in the office.  Being told one of the most annoying partners was in fact working with us today I knew my luck was down.

And then just when I had given up all hope and got into the office I was confronted with an email from said partner stating that I had failed to give adequate client care.  Now this was not a suggestion more of an outright accusation which really ticked me off and made me realise how the disgruntled postal worker feels before he takes out the entire post office!


Who needs them.  I mean sure they pay your bills which in turn means wages but if they were to just leave us alone and let us get on with the job everyone would be alot happier.  Take for instance new enquiries.  Now we have all had our fair share of dodgy initial callers but when someone calls and wants to issue an eviction notice on  ghost that has been bothering them for sometime, you have to wonder if euthanasia is such a bad idea and should be made legal.  Whatever happend to survival of the fittest because seriously these people should be removed for the evolutionary gene pool.  Give them a Darwin Award and move on I say!!!

Anyway this particular client was so snotty in an email, but was actually pleasant on the phone which in my book makes them even more of a bastard than the ones that shout. At least they have the conviction in their belief (however untrue that belief may be) to stand by it.

That being said the balance of karma was restored when I heard a young women, who was being heckled by the awful Big Issue seller,  say "bollocks and piss on someone elses day".

Ok client rant over, more pasta...that's better!

Note to employer:  I apologise now for being so harsh to our clients, but really it was a hard day...don't fire me!!

*Not sure if cookies and jelly cherries can be classed as "Stock".

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