Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Bombay Brambles, Cosmos and Cerebral Meltdowns

Well sometimes after "one of those days" don't you just crave booze?  Ok I'm not alcoholic but there is something so comforting about that first slug of hard liquor or the sound the wine makes coming out of the bottle...glug glug....

Today was appraisal day and for those of you not familar with the term think school report but more patronizing and the teacher could potentially make you homeless by cutting your pay!  Whilst trying to think of the best way of presenting myself as the model employee I was also confronted with having to deal with cold callers all claiming to know Mr X personally and saying that their call was one he would not want to miss taking.  Do they think I was born yesterday? And they're all so friendly, trying to be your mate "hi it's Kai from Resourcing Solutions (or some other pointless organisation whose only purpose is to make the life of some unfortnate PA a misery for the next 2 minutes, which I will never get back!)".  On top of this there are a million documents to amend, calls to return, accounts work to submit and those client newsletters aren't going to send themselves!!!

Anyway the point I wanted to make was that sometimes while at your desk this little voice in you head suddenly resonates through that part of your brain responsible for coherent thought and pulls on the lever marked "GIN".  When this happens, and it will happen, the only sensible thing to do is withdraw some cash from your none existing reserves and have a cocktail. 

It's funny but suddenly all your work problems seem to swirl away in the bottom of a fabulous V shaped glass you, then another drink and you actually feel like talking more about work than you would normally.  How odd that you go to the bar with the intention of forgetting about work and the first thing you do once the drink is in your hand is say "well you will never guess what happend today" and end up reliving the whole vile experience.

Forget S&M if you want to be a real masochist just have a shit day at work, convince your friends to go for a drink and tell them all about it.  Hopefully they will have had an equally shit day and you can compare...afterall misery loves company!

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