Friday, 18 February 2011

Planet of the Apes

My old gran, god rest her soul, used to have a saying she would shout at my grandfather all the time "your about as useful as a fart in a colander".  I love this saying and feel it sums up todays events perfectly.  specifically to describe some of the people I have to work with...don't worry scouse I am not talking about you.

No I am talking about those people who are supposed to be there to make my job easier and in fact make it ten times worse.  You know the type of person I am referring to, the one who gets the complaints that start "I don't want to talk to the monkey, where is the organ grinder?"  Although in truth a monkey is too kind a description as at least they have the sensibility to throw their shit out of the cage rather than sit in it, waiting for it to pile up and cause problems for the rest of us!

God I miss the days when Fridays were nice and enjoyable, everyone in a good mood.  Instead now I have to battle with office politics, simpletons and abusive homeless people.  Now don't get me wrong I am all for charity and have purchased my fair share of Big Issues, but I resent being heckled by some homeless person wearing more designer gear than I own (presumbly as a result of clothing donations).  All I said was no thank you I did not want a Big Issue and suddenly I am the biggest bastard that ever walked the earth.

"You should do a day out here selling this" he yells.  Yeah well let's see how long he would last in our office.  It might be warm but when the only thing keeping you on the border of sanity is a window, your ability to match pictures of the partners to their celebrity counterparts and a handful of work friends, you would be begging to take your chances on the streets!  That's what I call office survival!

However, all this complaining aside I actually managed to get quite alot done today and my office now has a carpet instead of a sea of papers and I can finally see the scum stains on my desk which I will take as a positive.

Oh well T.G.I.F, weekend free of work troubles, Big Issue sellers and mentally unstable colleagues!

Let's crack the wine!

See you on Monday

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