Monday, 19 September 2011

The Freshers!!

Day one done.  Yep that's right my first day of uni is over and I am getting ready to hit the town with my new (young) friends for Freshers Week.  Could anything be anymore fabulous?? Drunk 18 yr olds and cheap drinks! I LOVE IT...or rather I love the cheap drinks...the BF would perhaps not like me so much if I had a dip in the teen pool.

Note to self...create funny and amusing nicknames for new people...

I feel so much smarter already and I have only attended an induction and played some ice breaker game for a Drumstick...don't laugh Katy you have done a lot worse for a lot less.

Anyway I am keeping this post short so I can fill you in on all the gossip tomorrow...

Wish me luck!!!!!!

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